Real movement for life. Holistic movement. Applied movement. Movement, for us, means body and mind working together seamlessly to adapt to terrain and overcome any challenge or handle any scenario.

Movement opens a door to a better quality of health, wellbeing and confidence. The human body and brain are built to move and our methods enable every child to get out of their own way and discover their potential fully, effectively and safely.

The physical potential for movement in every child is enormous, and often goes untapped these days. We believe they should be stretching their abilities, pushing their limits, and discovering this potential first-hand.

They’ll fall sometimes, they’ll fail sometimes… but they’ll pick themselves up and keep going until they find their way. This is natural human learning, and we wouldn’t want to interrupt that.




“I’m all about the fun! If our students aren’t laughing and enjoying their movement, then I’m not doing my job right!”

Nat has a voracious appetite for physical activity, movement and training of all kinds. She started out as a professional dancer with a BA in Contemporary Dance and Performing Arts from the University of Chichester, and also competed as a Cheerleader from 2009-2014. She then discovered parkour in 2014 and channeled all of that experience and energy into the discipline, excelling at a rapid rate and never looking back, and is now a certified ADAPT coach and one of our key team members.



“Whether it’s rolling, jumping, climbing, flipping or just dancing around the gym, you will usually find me hanging around with a grin on my face. If it ain’t fun it’s not worth doing.”

Dayne began his training in the PKGen London Academy classes many years ago and quickly earned the respect of both peers and coaches for his incredible athletic ability, quiet confidence and irrepressible spirit. A skilled acrobat, Dayne is a qualified ADAPT Level 2 Coach and teaches across all of our regular classes, with a particular expertise in working with the young people. Able to turn his hand to almost any physical skill or activity put in front of him, Dayne brings a great attention to detail to his coaching, while his calm confidence and encouragement can get even the most trepidatious beginner moving.


We believe in the power of coaching. It’s a fine balance to strike between enabling natural development and self discovery and conveying healthy methodologies and learning points.

The best coaches know how to find that balance for the optimal growth of your child; and we’ve been doing this around the world since 2004 so your kids are in the best possible hands.

“Louis is a typical teenager, but he’s finding so much fun and focus, through the encouragement of his parkour coaches.”

Sheila – Parent of Parkour School Student

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